Everyone seems to have a few links.  Trying to keep this somewhat of a personal site as well here's a few of my favorites.

    Just recently been getting into photography with just the use of my Nikon Digital Camera
    My life and times in Seoul and Suwon Korea. Also includes my adventures into North Korea.
    Northwestern Oklahoma State University was where I got my BSc along with a high GPA..
    Winnipeg Technical College, where I got my diploma as a Network Support Technician
    St. John's Ravenscourt School.  A Private School in Winnipeg Canada where I spent most
    of my childhood life.

  • Henry J. Chang
    Long time friend from Winnipeg since the 70's, now living in Toronto, Canada.

  • JD
    Best friend during my time in Korea.  I miss you buddy... Gotta come visit me here in the USA.

  • Brent Fitz  from my hometown in Winnipeg, now living the life of a professional musician
    who has recorded and toured with the heavyweights.

  • Darren Moore  from Winnipeg & Calgary.  Musician and songwriter. Darren and I have worked together on a few web projects.

  • Brian Vollmer
    Was a fan of his music in the 80's. Met up and communicated with him over the years and now a wonderful pal.

  • Chris Heaven
    Talented musician/songwriter and pen pal buddy for many years.  From Italy.  

  • Bruce Kulick
    Yep a known name who helped me out on a project that I was involved with in the past with an acquaintance of his.


    Love to grab some stuff off of YouTube for keeps, when the person who posts videos ends up removing them.
    I am a HUGE HUGE fan of this talented guitar player.  The inventor of Neo Classical Metal, which combines Classical Music (Bach, Paganini, Beethoven, etc), classic rock and metal
    Yes I've been a huge KISS fan as well.


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